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Vince Young Knows "Championships".    And Vince Young knows Who's the "King of Championship Rings"!!

Ever hear of a 100% Authentic Fake Replica Super Bowl Ring??  Guess they sell them like hot cakes in Boca Raton, FL.   Would you pay $4850.00 for a Fake Super Bowl Sample Ring?? I wouldn’t but someone did.

Whats funny is this seller claims in his ebay ads he does'nt sell fakes or knock-offs or replicas but what do you call this Redskins Ring shown above??

I guess thats what he means when he says: 


So would you really trust this person or the Company whom has now entrusted him to head and to authenicate YOUR Championship Ring or Trophies??  Maybe you would if you wanted to get a Very High Value on a FAKE Super Bowl or FAKE Championship Ring that you wanted to sell so you could get this Companies stamp of approval.    

So if this guy would sign off on a Fake Redskins Super Bowl Ring and say it's worth $4850.00 and this Company will back anything he says or grades how can you trust this Company for other services as Grading Cards or Authenicating other Sports Memorbilia if these are the kinds of people that this Company hires to do their work??

I know I have lost a lot of respect for them and I sure wont be sending anything to this Company anytime soon.  But will you??

September 1, 2020

The 50 Year wait is over and the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl  A few minutes ago the players all got the New Super Bowl Ring.   Jostens makes the ring this year.  I will let the fans chime in if they like it or not.  

June 6, 2019

The 6th New England Partiots Super Bowl Players Rings were presented to the players hours ago.  Again made by Jostens.  They keep getting bigger. Can't wait till they get a 7th and see how large that one will be!!!

April 2, 2019

This is your first look at the New 2018 Clemson Tigers National Championship Rings as the players got the rings today.  They of course got 3 seperate Rings but this is the one that they really wanted.  Not too bad as its the typical Jostens Ring design that they have done a lot of recently.   Hope you all like it and stay tuned this week for the New Boston Red Sox World Championship Rings as they will be released this week.  

April 21, 2018

For the moment you have all been waiting for your sneeak preivew of the New 2017 Alabama National Championship Rings.  Will be interesting to see how many of this gems hit the market after the players are given the rings on Monday.  

April 21, 2018

Today the Mightly UCF football team gave out 2017 National Champs Rings for finishing Undefeated last year.  Now this has not made the Alabama football player and fans very happy as they beat Georgia for the National Title in the College Football Playoffs Title game.  By they way this is not the first time a team has put out National Champs Rings after clearly not splitting or being officially awarded the title by a poll or an official govenring body of college football.   In 2004 Auburn did the same thing as they finished undefeated but USC beats OU in the BCS Title game that year.  

June 29, 2017 

Here is your first look at the new 2017 North Carolina National Championship Ring.  It was made by Jostens.  Traditionally the ring account for the Tar Heels basketball team has been with Herff Jones as i knew the HJ Ring rep for the basketball team but when Head Coach Roy Williams got there they have used pretty much every major ring company to make their rings and National Championship Rings.  The 2005 National Champs ring was made by Balfour , the 2009 ring was made by HJ. 
June 9, 2017

Tonight is the night that a lot of fans have been waiting months for.  The New 2016 New England Patriots Super Bowl Rings were handed out tonight. Here is your first look at the new Ring.  

April 9, 2017 

Here is your very first look at the New Chicago Cubs World Series Rings a full 3 days before anyone else including the players see them.  This ring is 108 Years in the Making.  Jostens produced this rings this year.  The players should be very happy with them as they are very nice and Big!!!

April 5, 2017

Here is your first look at the New Clemson National Championship Rings that the players got today.  One is the of course the School National Championship Ring.  The other is the College Football Playoff National Champions Ring and the last one is the Back to Back ACC Champions Ring.  

January 9, 2017

Congrats to the Clemson Tigers for dethroning the Mighty Alabama Crimson Tide this year for the National Championship for their first title in 35 years by beating Nick Saban and his Tide team 35-31 in a thrilling ending to the National Championship game tonight in Tampa, Florida.

For those who cant wait till the new National Champs Rings to come out in May I have a real Authentic 1981 Clemson National Championship Players Ring from their first title 35 years ago.  You hardly ever see these rings ever to come up for sale to the general public. In over 25 years of collecting Championship Rings I have only seen 2 or 3 real players rings from this team to hit the market.  This ring does have a bit of wear but to find this ring in any condtion is RARE.   If anyone wants to make a serious offer on the ring youc an email me directly at ymar@cox.net

June 12, 2016

Here is your first look at the New 2015 Denver Broncos Super Bowl Ring made by Jostens.  Its one of the nicer ones to have come out in the last few years. Cant wait to see how it compares in size to the 2014 New England Patriots Ring. I guess we will soon find out.

April 29, 2016

Here is your first look at the New 2015 Alabama Championship Rings. Pictured here is the  National Champs Ring, SEC Ring, and the College Playoff National Champs Ring. 

April 5, 2016

Here is your first look at the New 2015 Kansas City Royals World Series Rings made by Jostens.   The players got the rings today in front of a sold out crowd at Kaufman Stadium before a game with the NY Mets the team they beat to win the 2015 World Series. 

Nov 1, 2015

Congrats to the KC Royals who beat the NY Mets in 5 Games to win the 2015 World Series after just falling short of the World Title last year against the SF Giants.  Look for a Royals to put out some real nice Championship Rings in April of 2016!!!!

September 7, 2015

Just released is the New 2015 Duke National Championship Rings.  The players got them a day before they were to go to meet the President in Washington D.C.   As a side note Jostens released a photo of a mock up of the ring just hours after Duke won it all. This was not the design they ended up using. No reason why Jostens released the ring but ring and t-shirt companies have made mock ups of what the ring could look like but most of the time its way off and the ring design they posted hours after they won it looked so real that even fake ring companies had make knock offs just weeks after they won the title.   FYI this new ring is bascily the same design as the 2014 Wisconsin Final Four Ring also made by Jostens.

June 13, 2015

Here is your sneak preview of the New 2014 New England Super Bowl Ring that the players will get tomorrow at owner Bob Krafts house.  It was made by Jostens as were the 3 other Patriots Super Bowl Rings.

April 5, 2015

Here is your sneak preview of the New 2014 Kansas City Royals A.L. Championship Ring. Players and Staff will be presented these rings at tomorrows Opening Day Ceromonies in KC.


March 17, 2015

Just in for all of the Oklahoma Sooner Fans out there. I have to offer some very rare OU Rings from the glory days of the Basketball and Football Teams. Up for sale are 2 Big 8 Championship Basketball Rings and 3 Big 8 Football Rings from the 1980’s.  All of these rings are 10K Gold.  I will be listing these on ebay soon. If you’re interested in these rings or want more info about them please contact me at ymar@cox.net.  All 5 rings are in MINT condition and are very Rare indeed for being rings from the 1980s.  I also have several MINT OU Orange Bowl Rings from the 1980s too that I will be listing.
I also will be listing a few Kansas Jayhawks Rings including a very hard to find 2008 Orange Bowl Championship Ring from the Jayhawks last trip to a BCS Bowl.  I will also be listing and selling a very rare 2006 Big XII Championship Ring from the current streak of 11 straight from the Jayhawks for Basketball. If interested email me for more info.

January 26, 2015

Just a few days before we see who is crowned the World Champions of of NFL.   With the College Bowl Season wrapping up in a few months we will start to see the new crop of Rings.  For those who didnt see last years FSU National Champs Rings here is what it looks like.   

Keep in mine I am always buying new Rings so email me dirctly at ymar@cox.net if you have one or a whole collection of rings that you want to sell. 

June 19, 2014

Just released tonight the New Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Rings.  Rings this year were made by Tiffany and Co. 
June 9, 2014

Check out the brand New 2013 Denver Broncos AFC Championship rings made by Jostens.

April 9, 2013
Congrats to Michigan for making it to the National Championship Game.  The title game could have been won by either team.  What an end to an exciting season and a great Final Four.   Up for sale this week remains the Only Michigan National Championship Basketball Team to win it all.  This ring I have up for sale is from not only an All-American while at Michigan but the Hero of the 1989 National Championship game.
This ring belonged to Michigan star player Rumeal Robinson.  You can view the link below.   Remember this is a buy it now auction with the option of a best offer.   For those who don’t want to deal with ebay contact me through this website with any reasonable offers for the ring. Keep in mind I will not sell this one of a kind ring cheap so no low ball offers.  This is your once in a lifetime chance to own something that NO one has.
As with all of my rings they come with the exclusive 200% money back guarantee.  If the ring isn’t what I say it is you get your money back and you get to keep the ring.  No one offers this kind of guarantee!!
Good luck to everyone.
I am sure most of you have seen the TV Show Pawnstars and have seen a few championship rings on the show. I actually had the Very 1st Championship Ring to appear on the TV in the first season when the guy I sold my 2006 Miami Heat Staff ring decided to try to get $20K for it from Rick. He in the end only got $9000.00
If you watched the July 9, 2012 episode called “Kick the Can” you saw a guy bring in a 1995 Atlanta Braves World Series Ring. The online episode can be found below:
After you watched it all of the seasoned Ring Collectors prob are still shaking their heads or saying to themselves Rick better get some new so called Experts.  Corey was close on the track and called this Braves Ring a Staff ring which it was based on the ring saying Staff on it. No way it was Ted Turners Ring as the seller implied it could have been. 
The so called sports expert Jeremy Brown of Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Las Vegas said that it was not Teds ring which was correct but he said it was a Sample ring from Jostens which is WRONG. He said it didn’t have the Jostens logo marked on the inside and it actually did. So he said that the ring was worth only $2000 and Corey offered him $800 and the seller wanted $13,000.00
Now I have to ask doesn’t Rick own about 100 Championship rings?? It’s widely known that he buys all kinds of rings but NEVER sells them. So how many real Jostens rings do you think that Rick has in his possession?? So how many of them were prob engraved with the Jostens logo and © and 10K?? I would bet a lot of them so why wouldn’t Rick or couldn’t Rick verify that I was a real Jostens ring and verify that it DID have the correct and what I coined the “Proper Manufacture Markings” ???
No way is this Jeremy an expert in Championship Rings when he cant even tell that this ring was a real staff ring. If it would have been a real Jostens sample it would have had GLAVINE and #47 on the side NOT TURNER and STAFF.   The ring would have had serial numbers on the inside too. It was a real staff ring not a salesman sample. 
Maybe Rick needs to have me on the show to help him verify what is a real and fake Championship Ring. After all I have never sold a Fake or a Replica Ring like so many other people who claim to be experts. So shouldn’t I know what I am talking about??? Maybe Rick will have me on as a guest next season!!!
FYI this same “Turner” ring was featured in SCP Nov 2011 auction. In the ad there was NO mention of this ring being a sample. And this is the auction house who set a world record for selling the most expensive Championship Ring ever this year when they sold one of Dr. J’s ABA Rings for over $400,000. Now if SCP said it was a real staff ring who would you believe SCP Auctions or the so called Pawn Stars Ring Expert Jeremy Brown???? Maybe he should just stick to Sports Cards from now on.

New Update this Braves Ring just sold for $8294 in SCP's May 2012 Auction.  So Corey offers $800 and his expert says its a sample and the seller sells it for over $8000 a few months later so what does this prove?? Maybe the so called pawnstars experts arent always right and if your so lazy to bring in your Ring to a Pawn Shop and if you get ripped off instead of doing your research and contact the Real Experts you get what you deserve.   



June 16, 2012



Up for sale and in stock is a Very Rare 2007 LSU Trio Set of Championship Rings.


As most of you know the 2007 National Champs Ring is patterned after the 2003 New England Pats Super Bowl Ring and is basically the same size too.  In the past 4 years I have only seen and verified 3 real player rings ever to come up for sale to the general pubic.  Now you can own one of these for yourself.  Along with the National Champs Players Ring I have up for sale the 2007 BCS National Championship ring too as well as a 2007 SEC Championship Ring that belonged to All American Ciron Black.      I am always willing to do trades as well.  I am looking for the 2009 Alabama, 2010 Auburn and 2011 Alabama National Champs Rings and will be willing to trade either one for the Rare 2007 LSU National Champs Ring.  By the way the 2007 LSU National and BCS Rings were from a player who went on to play in the NFL too.



So if you collect National Champs Rings like I do you know the 2007 LSU Ring is one if not the hardest rings to obtain.  Email me with any offers or trade offers.


Other Rings for sale this week include the follow:


1992 Calgary Stampeeders Grey Cup Champs

1993 Florida State National Champs

1993 North Carolina National Champs

1976 Indiana National Champs

1999 Florida State National Champs

2006 Texas Elite 8 Champions

2007 LSU SEC Champions Ciron Black

2007 LSU National Champs

2007 LSU BCS National Champs

2005 Texas A&M Big XII Softball

1983 LA Raiders Super Bowl 10K Ring w/box

1983 Villanova Big East Champions

1989 NFL Football Hall of Fame Willie Wood

1991 Duke National Champs

1999 Duke Final Four

1999 Duke Golf National Champs

1990 Oregon Freedom Bowl

2008 Florida National Champs

2008 Florida BCS National Champs 

1991 Washington National Champs

1986 Louisville National Champs

1993 Buffalo Bills AFC Champs

1945 USC Rose Bowl Champs

April 14, 2012

Here is your very first look at the Brand New 2011 Alabama National Championship Rings.  The players got 2 Rings this past season.  I am impressed with the New Ring.  they will be in Very High Demand for sure!!!
April 12, 2012

Here is your first Look at New 2011 Texas A.L. Champs Rings and the New 2011 St Louis Cardinals World Series Rings.
January 24, 2012

Here is your First look at the New Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA World Championship Ring. How do you all like it??
October 4, 2011

Here is your first look at the New 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Championship Rings. These rings were made by Jostens/Intergold.  Maybe the NFL Teams will get the idea and put out some monsterous Rings like the last few Stanley Cups Rings that have been made. 

June 19, 2011

Here is your First look at the NEW longly awaited 2010 Auburn Championship Ring Set. I have my personal thoughts and I know you will too. How do you like them??

June 16, 2011

Here is your first look at the NEW 2010 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Ring.  I am sure lots of you will have your own opinions of the new ring.

June 2, 2011

Your first look at the brand new GIANT 2010 Montreal Grey Cup Championship Ring.
April 30, 2011

Here is your first look at the New 2010 Michigan State Big Ten Championship Rings.  As you might have guess its the same ring as the 2003 New England Patriots Super Bowl Ring.  It's also very similar to the 2007 LSU National Championship Rings too.  Very nice looking ring. Just hope that not every College and High School Team gets to order the same design as the 2003 Pats Ring was a truely original and unique Ring I just dont want to see a hundred schools getting to order the same rings. It was nice I guess for over 7 years now they have to share the design with other schools and teams.
April 2011

Just wanted to show off a few newer rings in case some of you have not seen them yet.  Some have emailed me telling me that some are disapointed in the newer style of rings as of late.  Let me know what you think of the latest crop of rings popping up these days.

Watch out for the New College Football Rings coming out this months from many high profile schools including the New Auburn National Championship Players Rings!!!!
July 25, 2010

For the first time EVER I am proud to offer the Very First Real 2009 Alabama National Championship Ring with the ultra cool Wooden Presentation Box.  I will be taking best Cash offers for this Great Ring.

This Ring is from one of the all time great Football Schools and the reigning and Defending National Champions Alabama Crimson Tide.  This is the same ring that all of the players got.  The players on this 2009 team were awarded 3 different Rings and this Ring is commonly known as the "School Version"  the other 2 rings are the BCS Ring and the SEC Confernece Ring.  

This Ring for sale is in MINT condtion.  This Ring is aprox a size 10 1/2 and come with the Special Wooden Presentation Box that has a mirror inside the top lid that has enbossed the Scores of every game from the 2009 Championship Season.  This is one large Gaudy and Flashy Ring.  A true one of a kind ring.  Who knows if another Ring will ever come up for sale from this great team.   Get it now while you can.  I obtain the ring directly from the person who the ring was awarded to.  Buy it Now dont let it get away!!

June 16, 2010

As usual here is your First Look at the Brand New Saints Super Bowl Rings.  Let me know what you all think of this latest Super Bowl Ring and guess who made it.

April 13, 2010

For all of your Bama Fans the wait is over.  Here is your 1st look at the NEW Trio of Championship Rings from the 2009 National Championship Sesaon.   Let me know what you think of them.  I am betting they will sell like hotcakes!!!!

April 12, 2010

Here is your first look at the New 2009 NY Yankees World Series Championship Rings.  Let me know what you think.

March 5, 2010
In tonight’s episode of the History Channels “Pawn Stars” owner Rick is offered a genuine 2006 Miami Heat Championship Ring and Original Wooden Presentation Box that originally came from yours truly at Championship Sports Rings.   The person I sold the ring to brought the ring into the Pawn Shop as seen in the episode titled “Helmet Head”.  In case you missed the episode while watching the NCAA National Championship Game the History Channel will be repeating this episode all month long so watch for it.
I guess owner Rick knows a great ring when he sees one. I wonder what he will be doing with the Ring.
2006 Florida Gators SEC, National Champs, BCS Champs Rings all from All-American and NFL Drafted Player Ryan Smith
2006 Florida Gators SEC, National Champs, BCS Champs Rings all from All-American and NFL Drafted Player Ryan Smith
November 30, 2009

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving.  Welcome the Holiday Shopping Season.  Now is the time to find that Ultimate Christmas Gift for that sports fan on your shopping list.   Just arrived this week are the "Trio" of rings from the 2006 National Championship Florida Gators.  These 3 Rings belonged to All-American and NFL Drafted player Ryan Smith.  I personally purchased these rings from Ryan himself and each ring will come with a copy of the Bill of Sale letter that Ryan signed.

Now you have a Rare chance to own one or all of these Florida Gators rings.  I have posted them on ebay this week but if you want to purchase them direct from me email me your best offer on each rings.  The 3 Rings can be seen at the links below.  

If you need a ring in time for Christmas Overnight Services can be arranged for an extra fee.  

I am always interested in doing trades for rings so if you have a Mint 2007 LSU National Championship Ring or a Mint 2005 Texas National Championship Ring I would trade for one of these Florida Rings.

Email me for trade offers. 

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Click the below link to see Urban Meyer showing off his National Championship Rings


Click the links below to view the Gators Rings for sale



Update the SEC Ring has just been Sold!!!
October 27, 2009

Here is your first look at the New 2009 LA Lakers NBA World Championship 15K Gold Ring.  Now Kobe and Shaq own 4 Rings each.  Who do you think gets #5 First???

Sept 29, 2009

Its getting colder outside so it must be Hockey Season.  As usual here is your first look at the New 2009 Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Championship Rings.  These are some Large Rings!!!
September 5, 2009

As always here is your first look at the New 2009 North Carolina National Championship Basketball Rings.  Let me know how you like it.

July 27, 2009

Here is your long awaited first look at the New 2008 Arizona Cardinals NFC Championship Ring.  Let me know what you all think.

June 8, 2009

Here is your first look at the New 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Championship 14K Ring.  Feel free to vot in the Poll Section what you think of the new ring.

April 10, 2009

Here is your first look at the New 2008 Tampa Bay Rays A.L. Championship 14K Diamond Rings.
April 6, 2009

Here is your first look at the New World Series Ring.   Let me know how you like it.

April 1. 2009

This is NO April Fools Joke but the long wait is over.   Here is your first look at the New 2008 Florida Gators National Championship Rings.  Let me know what you all think.

March 21, 2009 



Welcome to March Madness 2009.   We are now deep into the Tournament and all of the favorites are there with a chance to win it all and if they do win it all they become forever etched in Collegiate lore with Championship Gold Rings!!!   I will be offering this March Madness some of the most sought after Championship Rings from these past National Champions and from the most Legendary Basketball Schools in NCAA History.   In some cases for the first time offered anywhere. Don’t miss your chance to own some History!!!!

It has been brought to my attention by a few ring buyers that there is a very questionable auction running on ebay.   In fact I noticed that in the email questions that some ebay bidders were expressing or making claims that I said the ring was a fake and then others started to bash me. I had contacted the seller as you can see to defend myself as he was allowing all of these people to say bad and incorrect things about me. First off after my first email to the seller I simply told him that I didn’t like his auction to be used as a forum for people to tell lies about me. I later on stated that if his goal was to get his ring sold and to sell it quickly that he should have sent better photos of the ring to one of the top 3 dealers in the field of Championship Rings. NO matter what you personally think of me you all have to agree that I am one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and could easily determine if this ring was real or not if given better photos.   I also told this seller to just contact Jostens who Made the real rings and just email them the photos and have them confirm if its real or not.  Who else better than the company who made the REAL RINGS to verify if it's real or not.  So far the seller has refused to do so.   Wonder why??   

This seller floatin42 sent me 7 photos of this 1991 Atlanta Braves NL Championship 10K Ring and the auction number is
190285925984. The seller claims that this ring with the name of ALLEN was a ring he was selling for a friend of his who he claimed was a scout on the team. After reviewing the photos I determined that the ring was a clear FAKE. The detailing on the ring was not clear and sharp. The side of the ring containing the name ALLEN is missing STAFF at the bottom as ALL non player rings had STAFF at the bottom of the ring. If it had been a players ring it would have the players number at the bottom. The obvious sign that it’s a FAKE is that this ring only had a 10K stamping that was crooked on the side of the ring.   As you all know the REAL 1991 Braves rings were made by the Jostens ring company and inside of all of these real rings should have been marked with 10K©JOSTENS.  
One more big difference between this Braves Ring on ebay is that the persons name is supposed to be on the LEFT side of the ring as you look straight on it and on his ring the name ALLEN is on the RIGHT side of the ring.   So who ever copied this ring screwed up and couldn’t get the sides on the right side. I have provided the seller with this information and I was sent back an email stating that I was a “Hack” and I didn’t know what I was talking about. I had challenged the seller to contact both of the other bigger named ring sellers and said to him to send those guys the same pics and see what they say.   I am betting even though I don’t care for these 2 other ring dealers they should tell him the same.    This seller continues to sell this fake ring and you know it’s got to be fake when he started the auction at $10,000.00 and now has lowered it to $4500.00 and there have been NO offers on the ring.   
The funny thing about this auction is the bad comments that have been made about me. First off the seller Slinger2020 who is Rob from NY seemed to have started it by saying or claiming I was the person who first emailed the Braves ring seller stating that the ring he was selling was fake. I DID NOT do this.    Ask the seller who it was and bet you he will say it was NOT me.   The real interesting thing that came from all of these messages was the fact that Slinger2020 had vouched for this 1991 Braves ring as being real as he claims to have one of these 1991 Braves Rings.   That’s funny as Slinger2020 is selling a very questionable ring himself in item number 220358601278 a 1984 Miami AFC Championship ring.  He claims it’s a real players ring. But yet this ring contains NO markings of any kind as stated in his ad. He claims “this ring has been resized, and during the process, the markings inside the ring were removed. “  The problem here is the same as in the 1991 Braves ring,  Jostens stamps these rings pretty much the same and in the same place too and NEVER on the palm side shank otherwise the thin portion of the ring as this is the part that gets cut and stretched and the markings if they were here could get damaged. Even if the original markings were here sometime after a resizing it will leave a little bit left. But in the case of the 1991 Braves ring and the 1984 Miami AFC ring the stamping is deep and its on the SIDE of the ring so unless some moron is cutting into the side of the ring instead of the thin part of the ring the markings would NEVER be missing expect maybe if the ring was stolen and if someone wanted to make all markings on the inside to disappear because sometimes the players names are engraved on the inside too. But you forget that the name is still on the outside and little can be done to remove the name on the outside. I once saw a stolen Texas ring where the inside of the ring  were totally buffed out but the original Jostens markings were lightly engraved not deeply stamped as would be in the Braves and Miami AFC Ring.   So if the markings are not there I would hope that there better be a good reason and not that “It was resized”   That’s about as bad as the dog at my homework. Too many times people tell me that they think they have a real ring but yet it only has a 10K and nothing else and it’s a fake ring.
I can only tell you the facts in regards to that Miami AFC Ring. You have to make up your mind with the facts you know and things you see. I know on all of MY rings I provide and show the markings of all of my rings so there is no discussion of them being a fake. No One has ever accused me of selling a fake ring. Not many others can say the same.  
I have a good idea of who these jealous people are who were bashing me on that 1991 Braves auction. Its funny to see how many of them chimed in and made up stories and lies.   Man these people should be working for Disney with all of the imagination and crap they posted. I especially like the ones about me never selling a ring for years or the one about I don’t have any of those rings that I sell on ebay and show for sale on my site. That’s too funny. Those who said negative things about me cant’ be helped if it makes you feel big to spread lies about me. You must be trying to make ups for something else that you’re lacking. You know what I mean.   You know what they say you know your doing well when everyone copies off what you do and they are jealous of what you do. I cant help if they have empty lives and need to anonymously bash me and say bad things to try to upset me. It’s rather funny. I will let the photos of the rings that the seller sent me of the 1991 Braves rings and the ones of a known real one speak for themselves. And remember all of you would be ring buyers pay attention Slinger2020 said publicly on record and stated that this 1991 Braves ring with ALLEN on it was 100% authentic as he has one just like it.  So keep that in mind the next time he sells or lists a rings on ebay. Ever wonder why in any of his auctions he used to never show any picture but ONE Photo from an odd angle that didn’t show the name side  and when you asked him for other photos he wouldn’t or couldn’t maybe he never had the ring or was selling it as an agent for someone else?? I don’t know.  He again used to show only ONE picture of the ring he is selling and keep in mind he is asking $9500.00 for this ring so are you going to spend almost $10 grand on a ring that you can only see one photo and in some cases he will only give you in his ad only 3 or 4 sentences??  If I am going to spend close to $10,000.00  I want to see as many photos as I can and have as much information on the item as I can get.    Being vague and showing only one photo from some one else’s website doesn’t cut it as he used to do that.  Do you wonder why he NEVER shows you photos of the markings??   Hell it’s easy to say that “this ring has the right markings” but what the hell are they?? Let’s see them.   Are we all mind readers?? I show my Ring Markings  EVERYTIME.  And when I do show them they are NOT so cropped that you can’t tell what ring they are from too like some other ring sellers I might add. This is the typical bait and switch trick that some sellers will try to pass off. They will show you some tight shot of what looks to be real markings but they are to up close you can’t tell what ring the markings he’s showing you is from. Who knows if the picture of the markings are from the ring he’s selling??   I don’t do this.  EVERY ring I sell I clearly show the markings and I don’t get too tight so you can not tell what ring those markings are from. That is a big difference between me and some other sellers on ebay.  I have nothing to hide but does Rob aka Slinger2020??
So am I calling his 1984 Miami Ring a fake well I have given you all of the important information and facts about it so you will have to sift through it and come to your own conclusion but it doesn’t take Sherlock Holms to come to the correct conclusion.  You make up your own mind.   But if you saw that 2003 NY Yankees AL Champs ring that Slinger2020 was selling on ebay (220358590482) that ring was a FAKE Ring. There are no Real Jeter 2003 Yankees Balfour Samples Rings.    So who your going to believe a person who sells only real rings or a seller who has been caught selling and listing a FAKE ring??

I know this was a lengthy post but its my website and I know a lot of people feel the same way I do. A lot of people cant handle the truth. These people think they can run me out of ebay. You will all be disappointed. Those of you who don’t like me its fine with me I cant make everyone happy I can just continue to offer ONLY REAL Championship Rings and provide all of the important info and show the all important Markings photos as I have nothing to hide. Just be careful who you buy from. Not every seller is as honest as I am.
So click on the 3 photos above to get a better look at the details of the 1991 Braves ring that is on ebay as compared to a known real 1991 Braves ring.
To see photos of all 7 1991 Atlanta Braves photos that this seller sent me that I said was a fake click on this link to see them or go to the MISC Photo Album in the “Ring Photos” Section of my site.
January 8, 2009

Congrats to the Florida Gators for winning the 2008 National Championship by beating Oklahoma 24-14 in the BCS National Championship game tonight.  Looks like Urban and Company will be adding some more new shinny Rings to their collection soon.  Watch here for your first look at the New Florida Championship Rings as soon as they are out as always.  

Cant wait till the next College Football Season starts up in less than 8 more months!!!!
October 28, 2008

Here is your first look at the New 2008 Boston Celtics NBA World Championship Rings.  Let me know what you think.  Will be posting more photos later on.

Novermber 21, 2007

Thats pretty much sums up how I feel about ebay and the way they treat the sellers on ebay.  

Aug 31, 2008



Well the time has finally come.  I welcome in the new 2008 College Football and Pro Football Season.  It’s the “Greatest Time of the Year”.  Most of you I am sure are looking towards to this new College Football Season as last year was so unpredictable that it saw so many upsets no team was safe from the upset bug.  With the new season brings with it a new crop of Championship Rings that I will be listing and selling on and off ebay.  I will be selling no less than 15 Div 1 National Championship Rings.  Certainly you will find something cool to bid and buy.  I will be selling some other cool rings too so watch out for them. 


I hope you all find the ring of your dreams and remember I am always buying new rings so if you have one of the new LSU Championship Rings I am interested in buying them as well as other Championship Rings and Trophies.


August 5, 2008

Here is your first look at the New 2008 Kansas Jayhawks National Championship Basketball Ring from that most exciting National Championship Game against Memphis.

June 17, 2008

How do you guys like the New Huge Texas Championship Ring??

June 1, 2008

Here is another picture of the acutal New 2007 LSU National Championship Players Rings.  This has got to be one of the best looking rings in recent history.  Better get your hands on one!!!
May 29, 2008

Tonight the new N.Y. Giants Super Bowl Rings were handed out to the players and coaches in a special gathering at Tiffany and Co. in NY.  TIffany and Co made the new Giants Rings and makes the 4th time that they have made a Super Bowl Ring.
May 10, 2008

Heres an update with the USC Forum.   There is a new post to follow up the main one that was posted a few days ago.  My thanks go out to Tony King who is a former Head Manager of the USC Trojans FB Team for the latest post. 

Thanks also to Scott Schradar who works for the USC forum who corrected a mistake.   A member of the forum lied and said I was trying to sell the ring to other members of the forum just to get me kicked out of the forum.  This was Not true.  I am glad that Scott and his staff now knows the truth.  

I posted in the forum to clear the record about the Ring I was selling.  As always I sell nothing but 200% Real Rings.


May 9, 2008

Its days like this that make me wonder why I sell Championship Rings in the first place.  Been pulling my hair out trying to get people to listen to me.    In case you all didn’t know the 2004 USC BCS Ring I am selling this week has made National Attention.  Funny thing is no one picked it up the first 4 times I had it listed.   You can see it below.


The LA Times were fairly nice to me but NOT the people at the "We Are USC" website.  It took a while but I felt that they attacked me and called the ring a fake and a scam.  Those of you who follow Championship Rings and see my auctions know that it is and was 200% Real.   So I may have wasted some time trying to convince a bunch of people that I only sell Real Rings and no fakes.   I have finally gotten through to them but it took a lot. So if you want to see how ugly it got take a look at the whole ordeal below.





If you want to email me with your thoughts let me know at ymar@cox.net


April 18, 2008

Heres your first look at the MONSTER New 2007 USC Pac 10/ Rose Bowl Championship Ring.   The New USC Ring is by far BIGGER and LARGER than any other USC Ring ever made.  Let me know what you think.
April, 12 2008

Here is yet another one of the New Crop of 2007 Championship Rings that have been released check out the new Auburn Champiosnhip Ring.
April 11, 2008

Heres your first look at the Brand New 2007 LSU National Championship Players Ring.  Does this ring remind you of a certain ring design?? Maybe one of my rings in my collection as pictured below??

April 8, 2008

As promised your exclusive 1st look at the New 2007 Boston Red Sox World Series Championship Ring. More images to follow. Go to the Poll page and cast your vote if you like it or dislike it. I have a feeling I know what most of you will think of this new ring.

April 7, 2008

What a fantastic end to this 2008 NCAA Basketball Season.   The Kansas Jayhawks are the Champions and the New Kings of the College Basketball!!! What a exciting game between Memphis that was won by the Jayhawks in OT 75-68.  Bill Self and the rest of the Jayhawks have made all of the entire State of Kansas Proud.  Way to go.  Can't wait to see what the New Rings will look like.
April 7, 2008

Here is your first look at the New 2007 Colorado Rockies National League Championship Ring made by Intergold. Let me know what you all think.  The New Boston Red Sox will will be shown here tomorrow!!!

April 2, 2008

Heres your first look at the New 2007 Appalachian state National Championship Ring.  You just knew that they were going to put the score of the Michigan Game on there didnt you.

April 1, 2008

Now for the moment all of you have been waiting for here is your FIRST LOOK at the BRAND NEW 2007 NEW YORK SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP RING.   Email me with your response. Go to the poll section and cast your vote if you like it or dont like it.

March 29, 2008

Here is your first look at the NEW 2007 LSU Tigers BCS National Championship Rings. 
It's a good time to be from Boston/New England!!!
It's a good time to be from Boston/New England!!!
January 11, 2008

Hope you all are enjoying the NFL Playoffs.  Soon the Biggest Sports Day of the year will be here!!  Will the Team of Destiny be there and win it all?? Well if the World Series is any sign this year was a good year go be in the Boston/New England area!!!!!
New Christmas Bling!!!
New Christmas Bling!!!
December 30, 2007

Did Santa leave you some Christmas Bling!!! He sure left me some in my stockings.  I guess I was good this year.  Look for more new rings coming up for sale just in time for Super Bowl Sunday!!! Hope you all got what you were asking for this year. If not maybe next year!!
November 21, 2007

This pretty much says how I feel about the way ebay treats the sellers who make them billions of dollars each year.  Why pay ebay all of this money when you can fuck them and sell items off ebay.  I would encourange anyone out there to do what many of my competitors do and that is list auctions with NO intentions of selling it on ebay and sell it off ebay and screw ebay out of their share of the fees.  I dont like doing it as you piss off your customers who would be bidding but others do it.  So if I get a  Large Ca$h Offer that I cant refuse I probably would pull it off ebay and sell it.  So if you have some big bucks and you really want to buy it now let me know.   Ebay doesnt care about sellers or buyers all they care about is their share.  So FUCK EBAY!!!
November 19, 2007

At last the 2003 LSU Tigers National Championship Players 10K Ring gets listed tonight on ebay.   I have been asked many times when this Ultimate LSU Collectible will come up for sale and now just in time for the big game!!!  If you are interested in buying the Ring now is the time to place your bid or email me with any solid cash offers for the Ring.
October 27, 2007

Just thought you might like to see what the NEW 2007 San Antonio Spurs NBA World Championship Ring looks like.  Let me now how you like this one.
October 25, 2007

Just got in a set of Rare LSU Championship Rings from the 2003 Season.   These Rings are the 2003 National Championship and the BCS National Championship Rings from a former LSU Player.   If anyone is interested email me with any and all offers.  Also will consider trade offers for the USC, Texas or Florida National Championship Rings.  I will be posting the pics of the 2 Rings soon.   The National Championship Ring is identical to the one above.  

October 25, 2007 

Just thought you all might want to see what the New 2007 Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Championship Ring looks like.  What do you all think of it??

Ever wonder how many Championship Rings you can get on your hand?? Well now you know.  Can you name all of these Championship Rings??
Ever wonder how many Championship Rings you can get on your hand?? Well now you know. Can you name all of these Championship Rings??
Aug 24, 2007

Lets kick off the Football season a bit early.  Up for grabs are an incredible set of 100% REAL SUPER BOWL Diamond RINGS!!!   These are the 1981 and 1988 Cincinnati Bengals AFC Championship Diamond 10K Rings.  These Rings represent the only times that the team has ever played and came close both times of winning it all.  The 1988 Ring is especially HUGE as its LARGER than the 88 49ers Super Bowl Champs Ring.   I will listen to any Serious offer on these Rare Rings.  The Rings will only be sold in the Set of Two I wont split them up unless I get a reasonable amount for one single ring.   So start saving up or break open your piggy bank so you get these Rare Championship Rings and wear them to the next Home Game!!!
2006 Miami Heat NBA World Championship Diamond Ring
2006 Miami Heat NBA World Championship Diamond Ring

August 16, 2007

What do you think of my latest Championship Ring!!! 
    IT'S HUGE!!!!

Just in case you wanted to see how the New Florida Ring compares to the 1st one.
Just in case you wanted to see how the New Florida Ring compares to the 1st one.
July 26, 2007

Well heres your 1st look at the New 2006 Chicago Bears NFC Championship Player Rings. Let me know what you think.

June 13, 2007

As promised here is your 1st look at the New Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Championship Ring.  Let me know what you all think of the New Bling!!!

June 6, 2007

Just seen a Preview of the New Indianapolis Colts World Championship Super Bowl Player Rings.    The Rings are being made by Herff Jones and they did a very good job on the Rings.  The Rings are HUGE and Very Flashy!!!   I think you all will love the design.  I have been asked by HJ not to disclose the exact design or show any pictures of the ring prior to the Players and Staff receiving their Rings next Wednesday in Indianapolis.   So soon as I get the OK I will release a Photo of the new ring for all of you to see.  I assure you it will be worth the wait!!

1996 National Championship & SEC Championship Rings once owned by NFL Player Eugene McCaslin
1996 National Championship & SEC Championship Rings once owned by NFL Player Eugene McCaslin
June 4, 2007

Well Summers getting hotter so why not start selling some HOTT Rings!!!! Nothing is Hotter these days than Florida Gator Championship Rings.  So lets start off the summer with 2 very exclusive Championship Rings that will be hitting ebay this week.  I have aquired 2 Very Rare Championship Rings directly from former NFL Player Eugene McCaslin.  Both his 1996 National Championship and his 1996 SEC Championship Rings will be for sale to the highest bidder starting this week.  Dont miss out on a chance to own the First Florida Gators National Championship Ring and its from a NFL Player too.   Enjoy the auctions and enjoy the Summer!!!

 Click the below link to view my current Ebay Auctions:


April 16, 2007

Check out the New Florida Gators Championship Hardware!! Let me know what you all think of the New Championship Rings.  Notice the "bonus" SEC Ring.  This is the First time since the NCAA starting giving out the BCS Rings (2002) that the same team was able to issue out a seperate Conference Championship Ring.  You deserve 3 seperate Rings for sure. Enjoy them!!! Cant wait to see what the New Basketball Rings will look like.  
April 4, 2007

Congrats to the Florida Gators after defending their National Championship and winning Back to Back Championships with their win over Ohio State on Monday Night.  The Mighty Gators also won the Football National Championship and to celebrate their succuss no better time to show off some of the New Gator Championship Rings from their 2006 Football Championship. Check them out and let me know what you think.

March 25, 2007

The 1980 Louisville National Championship Ring I was selling on ebay this week is still for sale.  Some person was commiting fraud by bidding and winning my ring on ebay.  This most likely was an plot to steal information and an attempt to highjack my ebay account or an attempt to steal my identity.   This bidder has now been kicked off ebay.  But as stated below I will not be listing anymore high end rings of over $4000 on ebay so if you want to purchase it you can do so from this site. From now on I will only be selling my High End Championship Rings on this website so ebay wont be getting their cut from now on.    Ebay has to clean up their act and learn to protect their sellers who make them Billions of dollars every year.  If any of you want to express your feelings on how you like ebay or if you too think ebay has let you down like a lot of other people have told me email me at ymar@cox.net and voice your opinions.

March 24, 2007 

Attention all ebay customers past , current and future I have decided to NOT sell anymore Championship Rings of over $4000.00 on ebay.  Ebay has changed their policies as of late and they Will Not and DO NOT protect the honest sellers and they allow any bidder to buy and mess with any auction with no disregards to ever paying for any items won. How can they stay in business by treating sellers like this?? Without sellers you don’t have bidders and with no bidders you have NO ebay.    So from now on I will not be listing any of my Championship rings valued at over $4000 on ebay.   I will of course be selling my high end Rings here at www.ChampionshipSportsRing.com.   Sorry to say Ebay has gotten worse to work with so I am forced to do this.  So until ebay cleans their act and changes their policies or put back the “approved bidders list” option they can kiss my business goodbye.  So for a very small few of your bidders out there who make it tough for everyone else you know who you are.  

January, 25, 2007

A SCAM ARTIST has bid on one of my big named items on ebay last week and has left a negative feedback remark on my ebay account.  This is not fair to me as this person had NO intententions to ever buy it and just did so with the sole purpose of trying to ruin my account.   Its pretty sad that a small number of people out there are so jelous of me to do so. What really angers me is that Ebay let it happen and will do NOTHING about it.  So I dont have any real good things to say for them. I have always hated the way they did business and their lack of supporting anyone who has ever been wronged or ripped off.  All they care about is making money no matter who gets ripped off.  I guess if you want to make a million bucks fast and easy scamming on ebay is a great way to do it as its clear to me that they do little to stop or to prevent it.  So if you feel the same way as I do towards ebay let me know. I am sure many out there to as well.  Ebay is a great place to find one of a kind treasures but the fact that a few crooks out there make it bad for everyone.  
January 18, 2007

Well one of my favorite times of the year. The NFL Playoffs.   There have been some exciting games this playoff season and the Super Bowl is just aroung the corner.  So just in time for the Big Game I have listed this week on ebay 4 Super Bowl Rings from the 1980's. So a few more very High Profile Rings to in case you are not into Super Bowl Rings.  Something for everyone.  Take a look at the link below if you want to see the auctions I am currently running.  Good Luck and I hope your favorite team wins!!!


December 4, 2006

I hope all of your favorite teams made it to the Bowl Games that you wanted them to go to.  The final weeks until Christmas are now aproaching I hope you all will be taking note of all of the items I am selling on ebay and I hope you find something for that special sports person on your Christmas list.  Good luck to all of your schools and enjoy the Holidays!!!!
September 2, 2006

Welcome all to what I like to call the "Best Time of the Year" and thats Football Season or better yet "College Football Season"   The Mighty Longhorns from the always dangerous Big XII will be defending their National Championship crown won at the 2006 Rose Bowl game against the 2 time defending National Champions USC Trojans.  That game as we all know was a very Historic game,  some still call this the Greatest College Game Ever.  Soon on ebay I will be listing a game ball that was used in that very game and it is was signed by the one and only Vince Young.  Watch for it.   I will be listing some very cool rings in the upcoming weeks so hang on it will be a good season for Championship Rings so nows the time to get your Dream Ring.  I will be listing at least 7 different Div 1 National Championship FB Rings alone this season and rings will include the famous 1999 Florida State National Champs ring, 1991 Miami Natl Champs Ring, not one but 2 1997 Michigan National Champs rings, 1987 Miami Natl Champs Ring and many others. So bookmark the link below so you can see what I will be selling each week.  And keep watching  here to see new rings for sale that wont be listed on ebay.  Its going to be a great next 5 months so good luck to all in the bidding and buying  of your Dream Ring!!!!!


June 7, 2006

And for all of the Seattle Seahawk fans out there today the New 2005 NFC Championship Rings were handed out.  The Rings were made by Jostens.

June 4, 2006

Just saw the NEW 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Rings tonight.  I have to say that I am indeed impressed with their choice of design.  The Players and Coaches got their Rings tonight in Pittsburgh.  Let me know what you think.

2006 Rose Bowl Game Used Football Autographed by Vince Young!!!
2006 Rose Bowl Game Used Football Autographed by Vince Young!!!
April 30, 2006

Congratulations to Vince Young for being the #3 overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft this weekend.  Vince will be amazing all of his compentition at all of  the football stadiums during the 2006 NFL Season.   Tennessee sure got one heck of a QB and chose wisely.  Everyone at Texas knows how good he is now he will be showing what he can really do on a football field and will show the rest of the world when he steps onto the playing field.   Since the NFL Draft now over what better time to sell the Ultimate Vince Young piece of Memorbillia.  I will be selling an acutal 2006 Rose Bowl used Game Ball that was obtained right from the man himself Vince Young.   This very special ball is a one of a kind or at least there will be only one that will ever be for sale to the general public.  Go to ebay and place a bid on it or email me your best cash offer on it.  You can see the ball in the "Yeebay Sales" section of this site.  Get it while you still can.   It will be a bit pricey but having the best is never cheap.  

Good luck to Vince Young and the rest of the Texas Longhorn players who were drafter this weekend.

March 31, 2006

Today the New Texas National Championship Rings as well as the BCS National Championship Rings were given out to the players.  Above you can see what the rings the school gave out look like.  Let me know what you all think of it.

The 2005 Texas National Championship Players 10K Ring
The 2005 Texas National Championship Players 10K Ring
March, 4 2006

Just added a New Photo Gallery to the Ring Photos Section.  So if you ever wanted to see what EVERY Super Bowl Ring looks like nows your chance to check it out.  I will be adding to this section as I find new photos.  So if you have any Cool or New Championship Ring Photos that you would like me to post on my site I can do it so we can all enjoy some new ring designs.  Send any and all Ring Photos to
ymar@cox.net and if you want credit for submitting these pics please let me know and I can give you full credit for them.

March 2, 2006     

Looks like the First New College Championship Rings was released a few weeks ago.   Just seen the New Florida State ACC Championship Rings.  They are Very BIG.  Most of you out there will be suprised to see them.  Keep watching here to get your first look at this New Championship Ring.

February 6, 2006

I got a sneak peak at the NEW Texas Longhorns National Championship Rings.   A very interesting design they have chosen.  Lots and Lots of bling!!  The finished product should be out in a few months and distrubuted to the players.    The Major Ring Companies will again be competeing to see who will make the New Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Rings and the new Seattle NFC Championship Rings.  Will be very interesting to see what the 5th Steelers Ring will look like.  Stay tuned for the latest Championship Rings news here.   

Congatulations to the Texas Longhorns for winning the 2005 National Championship of College Football.  This Title will go nicely with the 2005 National Championship the Baseball team won last year.  

I will have the New National Championship Rings to show here on my site as soon as they come out and the players are given out the rings.  So look here on this site for your very first look at the New National Championship Rings.  Lets all hope they are as BIG and NICE as the Monster 2003 Holiday Bowl 10K Rings. 

Be prepared so see some real cool Championship Memorbillia to come up for sale on this site and on ebay.   I have secured some very Rare items from National Championship Texas QB and 1st Round NFL Draft Pick
Vince Young 

Items to include an Actual 2006 Game Used Rose Bowl Football just like what Vince is holding in his hand above, could even be the EXCACT same one he carried across the Goal Line to beat USC!!.    Fully Autographed and includes a letter of auth from Vince himself watch for it soon!!! Get one while you can find it. You will not find a ball from this game anywhere but here so dont miss out!!!! 

NFL Draft 2006
What: 2006 NFL Draft
When: April 29-30
Where: New York City
Rounds: Seven rounds

Be on the look out for some New Rings that I will be posting on this site for Sale and on ebay . The Rings will include:

2 Duke Final Four Championship Rings
2 McDonalds All-American Rings
1994 Nebraska National Championship Ring
1995 Nebraska National Championship Ring
1990 Missouri Big 8 Championship Ring
1971 Nebraska National Champs Ladies Ring
1985 USC Rose Bowl Championionship Ring
Arkansas SEC Championship Plaques
More Texas Championship Rings
Texas Game Worn Jerseys 
Rose Bowl Game Used Helmet and etc...

The Vince Young
The Vince Young "Heisman Pose"!!!

I will be selling a Very Special Limited amount of  Vince Young hand signed 8x10s that I had Vince sign for me a few weeks ago.   Each of these 8x10 photos are personally signed by the 2-Time Rose Bowl MVP himself.  This is a limited edtion of only 25 signed "Heisman" prints signed by Vince himself in silver sharpie.  Each photo is hand numbered 1 through 25.    Vince as you all know led his Longhorn team to the 2005 National Championship by beating 2-Time defending National Champions USC in that trilling 2006 Rose Bowl Game.   Vince was chosen #3 overall on the NFL Draft and is going to be a star at Tennessee on Sundays.   Get your personally signed 8x10 photo of Vince now while I still have some left.   This special picture was Vince scoring a TD against Texas Tech in Austin when they met earlier in the 2005 football season.  This particular hard to find picture is what Vince calls his "Heisman Pose".   Makes you now wonder if he should haver really won the Heisman Trophy this year.   Well Vince will have a Big New Shinny Championship Ring to keep his mind off all of that Heisman stuff.   You wont see anyone else offering this particluar pose for sale.  Each Autographed 8x10 will look like the picture you see here and is signed in Silver.  It really shows his signature off very well.   You might note that when Vince signs at or for any Tri-Star show he only signs his name only he now does'nt sign this #10 but he did so for the photos and footballs he personally signed for me.    Each photo will come with a Letter of Authenticity signed by myself.   Get one now for your favorite Lornhorn fan on your list.  Price is $95.00 each   

Your Best source for Authentic Texas Longhorns Championship Rings!!! Watch out for the New National Championship Rings coming soon!!!!! 

The MONSTER 2003 Texas Holiday Bowl 10K Ring

What do you guys think of this Ring??