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If you have a Ring you want to sell just email me at ymar@cox.net with the information on the Championship Ring that you want to sell!!

Welcome to Championship Sports Rings!!  After years of clients and sports fans all over the country asking me when I was going to set up a Website I now have finally put together a Championship Rings Website.  Let me start off my saying that I don’t do this for a living it’s a hobby so it’s not as professional as it could be with flash and shopping carts but it will do what it’s intended to do and that is show off some of my many Championship Rings for all of you to see and buy.   I can sell rings here without having to deal with the high costs of Ebay.    I started off by going to ebay to find and buy Championship Rings and as you all know I list and sell a lot of Rings on ebay but it’s time I get a site of my own so I can buy and sell what I want to and when I want to without the restrictions and hassles of ebay.   


I do things a little bit different than most people do as many of you have found out.  First of all I DON’T SELL and DON’T OFFER any Fakes, Copies, or Replica Rings.    There is nothing wrong with buying products like this it’s just not what I choose to sell.   So when you see a Ring that you want to buy or buy a Championship Ring from me on ebay or on my site you can rest assure that it’s a 100% REAL Authentic Championship Team Issued Ring.    98% of all of the Rings I offer for sale are REAL Player Rings too with a very small percentage of them being staff or non player Rings.  I occasionally will get and offer a Real Salesman Sample Ring for sale.   If I sell one of these Rings  it will be a 100% REAL Authentic Salesman Sample Ring,  meaning the Ring will have ALL of the specs of a real player ring and will be made by the SAME Company who made the Real Players Rings.   They will also contain the “Proper Manufacture” Markings inside of the Ring.  These Rings will be the EXACT same Ring that players receive except they will have a name of a predominate player or coach on the side and they will have CZs instead of Diamonds.  Sometime the back of the Ring will be cut out as many of the Real Sample Rings are done this way to discourage people from wearing them.   Some people choose to fill them in and then wear them.   I don’t sell that many Salesman Sample Rings as I try to sell more of the Real Player Rings if possible.    When I sell rings I will not usually list a selling price but will take "Best Offers" and go from there.   This isn’t Amazon or Wal-Mart I don’t have to put a price tag on every ring I am selling.   A lot of the Rings I will be selling on my site will be also appearing on ebay for a short time so if you notice that some of them are the same they were just on ebay and then I put them on my site here.   But as soon as I have a solid offer or if a Ring has been sold I will update the site to reflect that the ring is no longer for sale.   I will be real good at updating the site to reflect what is currently for sale and what has been sold.  Nothing worse than going to a site and seeing an item and a price and wanting to buy an item just to find out it was an ad that is 2 years or older and that the item has been long since sold.  Not here if you see it in the for sale section the Ring will be for sale and I will still have it.  

I will begin to shortly consign items to sell as well.  When I get closer to decide how I am going to be doing it I will post it here on this site.  I do also buy Championship Rings and other Championship items of interest.  As stated on my old ebay ads I am currently buying 1999 FSU National Championship Players Ring, 2002 Ohio State National Championship Players Ring, Any USC National Championship Rings, Any University of Texas Rings, Texas A&M Rings, 1998 Tennessee National Championship Rings, Most Div I National Championship Rings,  Any Miami Hurricanes Rings, Any Super Bowl Rings or other Big Championship Rings I may be interested.    Also would be interested in any Kansas State or Kansas Championship Rings.   I also buy Championship Trophies.   Please email me at ymar@cox.net with all items that you want to sell and if you have photos please send them along as well with a price you are asking for them.    A certified check can be over nighted to you once I receive the ring or items.      


Many of the rings that you will see in the Ring Photo sections are from my Personal Ring Collection and are not normally for sale but I have learned in recent months that most everything or everyone has a their “Price”.   So if you ever see a ring that I have shown here on the site that you are interested in I may still have it or it maybe for sale if the offer is to my liking.  So take a look at the site and tell me what you think.  I will be updating and improving the site every week and it will be updated almost daily.   I am trying to find a good way to take requests as every week I get hundreds of emails from collectors who want certain rings.  I don’t make the Rings so getting a particular ring is usually a hit and miss thing.  You have to remember players usually don’t sell them so in order for me to offer a ring for sale they have to sell them to me or to someone else.  This makes getting any Championship Ring this much harder.  This is another reason why “Championship Rings” hold their value better than most any other Sports Collectible.   Since they are not mass produced as like most other collectibles they are indeed hard but not impossible to find.  This is what killed the baseball card hobby.  Too many companies way too many cards. Nothing was real hard to find or limited.   Championship Rings are way different.  You have to remember that in any given year a football team may only have between 85 to 100 players on a team and how many of them will sell or get rid of their rings??   If you want Rare or Limited consider a Basketball Team, in any given year a winning team will only have about 13 or 14 players so to find a real Ring once owned by an actual basketball player gets pretty hard to come by as compared to football rings.    So no matter how you look at it Championship Rings are limited and are hard to come by.

So why collect Championship Rings???  I used to collect the standard things that all kids collected when they were young and that was baseball and sports cards.  That was cool until they came out with 20 different companies and packs cost up to $25.00 or more.   A “limited edition” card was something like less than 10,000 or even 5000.  To me that’s not very rare or limited.   I got burned out and wanted something more unique and got into sports autographs and that was fine too but there was always the thing that it could be fake and then the athletes got somewhat greedy and started to charge up to $200.00 to just sign their name at a local sports show.  I still collect autographs from time to time but not as much as I did.  Then came the "Championship Ring".  I have always liked them and thought they were too cool but they were real hard to come by and they were expensive, not as expensive as they are today but still pretty pricey.  If you compare Rings to anything else they are more limited and rarer than most sports collectibles.   Nothing like actually owning something that was once issued to or owned to a certain athlete or ball player.    Sure a Game used jersey is cool and they display nicely but you would look rather odd wearing one to a formal dinner or at the office or workplace.    Championship Rings can be worn anywhere and imagine wearing one to your next ballgame.  I guarantee you will get noticed and be asked lots of questions.     For example Barry Switzer was sitting 7 rows above me when I was at a Kansas State/Oklahoma Football Game last year and I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to show off my 1999 FSU National Champs and my 2002 OU Big XII Ring I was wearing to him.   It always makes the perfect conversation starter.  I am not saying only to buy a Ring like this to be popular and meet lots of girls in bars but that is the perks of wearing a Big Super Bowl or Championship Ring.  


 There is nothing like buying your Very first Championship Ring.   My first Ring I ever had the chance to buy and own was a Kansas State Independence Bowl Ring.  It wasn’t too fancy but it was a Bowl Ring and it fit so I was hooked.  Now I own the worlds largest collection of Kansas State Championship Rings.  I have at least one of every Kansas State Ring the football program ever put out.   Took a while to get every one of them but its a unique collection that most people wouldn't think of collecting.  Now my latest collection conquest is the complete Run of Big XII Championship Football Rings.   This is one cool run of rings but doesn’t compare to the current run I am most proud of.  

 I currently have a string of National Championship Rings from every Div I Football National Championship Team from nearly the past 20 years or so.  Took a great deal of time and MONEY to accomplish it and indeed they look cool.   I had been asked what it would take to get or complete a collection of every Super Bowl Ring that would be 39 different Rings.  I told this guy he was crazy to even think of trying to do this. He wanted ALL real players rings too.  I would say it would be pretty hard just trying to find salesman samples of all 39 rings.   Some of those Teams didn’t even come out with samples so that adds to the difficulty.   But if you have the money and time almost anything is in your grasp.  If they put a Ring there is a chance be it a small one that it could hit the market.   Look at O.J. Simpson’s Heisman Trophy it came up for sale at one time.  It was not cheap but sooner or later things like this do come up.  But some things never do but that’s the fun of collecting.   If everything were easy it wouldn’t be fun.  Sometime the quest for the Rings is what drives people to win a Championship and sometimes this same thing drives Collectors like myself to get each ring in a collection. Its part of the fun of Collecting. 

No Matter if your looking for your first ring or your 50th ring there nothing like opening the ring box to see your new treasure.  And for those who have never seen one in person it is a thrill to behold.  Nothing like collecting the “Ultimate Sports Collectible”.   It’s a hobby that many people only dream about and can certain people can afford but with High School and College Rings coming on the market every year there is all kinds of rings to fit all budgets.   I usually only handle the higher end Rings but again there’s always ebay.   Good luck to you all in your quest for your “Ultimate Sports Collectible” a.k.a.  “The Championship Ring”     

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I also want to let you know I am paying CASH for ALL Academy Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, Any MTV Award, Super Bowl Tropies, World Series Trophies and other High Profile Award and Trophies.  Any persons with items of interst to sell please email me at ymar@cox.net with any and all info.